3-1 Discussion: Are Computers Intelligent?

In this module, we explore intelligence. More specifically, we engage with theories on intelligence and question whether human intelligence can be found in computers.

For your initial post, review the video The Turing Test: Can a Computer Pass for a Human?—Alex Gendler and answer the following questions:

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  • Is Turing’s test the right way to approach the idea of intelligence? In other words, if you have a conversation with a computer and you believe that you are talking with a human, would that computer be intelligent? Why or why not?
  • How are human thinking and machine computing similar in function of memory? How are they different?
  • Do you think it’s possible for computers to ever think or be as intelligent as humans? Why or why not?
  • How do either of the concepts of human intelligence or artificial intelligence apply to any of the following programmatic course themes:
    • Self-care
    • Social justice
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Career connections
    • Ethics

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