A cost-effective analysis should include the populations

1) A cost-effective analysis should include the populations with the highest infection rate. I believe the government should not just look at treating those infected with the therapy, but target the highest rates and those with the greatest risks of spreading the infection. It is a very hard decision because ethically I can come up with an argument for everyone’s treatment, however, this is not possible. The analysis should reach areas to create a boundary for the spread of the disease. According to the Institute of Medicine, the hardest part is distributing resources because the areas with the highest prevalence rates are often those with the lowest economic statures.  

2)  Global Health Education is essential and ethically speaking it is only right to look after the well being of our brothers and sisters.  As Skolnik states “Diseases do not respect boundaries.” This means that diseases they do not discriminate your age, sex, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Diseases like tuberculosis is highly contagious in open air and If you are traveling around the world it can easily spread, however, it is highly treatable if your healthcare access. This is certainly not the case for everyone around the world so educating one on another on safety precautions can influence positive behaviors giving the world opportunities to learn about how to use resources equitably so that we avoid preventable tragedies and healthcare disparities.

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