Airticle On Empowering Women In The Economy

Airticle On Empowering Women In The Economy


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First paragraph (your introduction): 

author, article and journal title, publication year

What is the aim/hypothesis of the paper? (Here you need to write the thesis/objective that the author is examining. You can use the author’s exact wording but remember to provide the citation) 100 words approximately


Main body paragraphs:

Describe the purpose of the study. (in your own words)

What are the gaps or weaknesses in the research? (describe) 

What are the major findings of the study? (write the author’s conclusion and theoretical framework)

How did the author test their hypothesis? (summarize the main steps the author used in their methodology, does the author suggests any problems or limitations? What test did he/she used?)

How reliable are the results? (does the author mentions any problems that can lead to unreliable results?)

Based on your analysis are the claims in the article accurate? (do the author’s results make sense to you? Are the conclusions too narrow or too broad?) 500 words approximately


Last paragraph (your conclusion):

What is the importance of the scientific work? (in your own words explain if you believe that the particular article is strong or weak scientifically) 100 words approximately

(Note: Please do not use subtitles or sub-headings in your text)

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