Assignment 4:  Employment Standards


Assignment 4:  Employment Standards – 5%

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Review your handout provided in class and on D2L – “A Guide to the Employment Standards Act”. 


This guide sets out the minimum standards that apply in most workplaces in British Columbia.





Based on what you have read and learned about the Employment Standards Act, find an article on-line or in the newspaper where you see a potential problem.  (Hint: There is a lot of media right now on hiring temporary foreign workers).


Include the following:


•              Brief description of the article

•              What is the problem?

•              Are they in violation of the Employment Standards Act?

•              Why or why not?

•              Length – one page or approximately 400 words

•              Due to D2L drop box on November 18th

•              Be prepared to discuss in class





Reviewed the handout and answered the questions (above)


Description of article (5 marks)

Description of Problem (5 marks)

Are they in violation of ESA (5 marks)

Why or why not (5 marks)


Total Marks /20


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