BIOL 4 – What does it mean when we say matter is conserved


Homework 12

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Watch the video, answering the questions:


1. What does it mean when we say matter is conserved? How does this relate to biogeochemical cycling?


2. What three major fields are involved in biogeochemical cycles?


3. In which cycle are bacteria particularly important?


4. What are limiting nutrients?


5. What are the five major biogeochemical cycles?


6. In what form is carbon primarily stored in the atmosphere?


7. Where is most nitrogen found?


8. Why is unhealthy water associated with eutrophication (algal blooms)?


9. Which cycle does NOT contain an atmospheric portion?


10. Acid rain has been a significant problem in many industrial regions. For example, a toxic fog event in London in 1880 killed thousands of people, and acid rain in the Eastern United States was an increasingly large problem in 1960s and 70s, damaging property and killing forests. The levels of acid rain began decreasing after the 1970 Clean Air Act, which put heavier restrictions on emissions, particularly from industrial sources and energy plants (mostly coal-burning). How would you respond to a person arguing that the sulfur cycle is a natural process, so it is unnecessary to regulate emissions or monitor the environmental impacts of economic development?

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