Change Management – Organisational Learning Case Study

Change Management


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Organisational Learning Case Study (1500 words)

Sanitarium (pp. 317-320, Beech, MacIntosh, Krust, Kannan & Dadich, 2017) – Case study pdf file is available in this module. 

Students will conduct a case study of the organisational learning mechanisms employed by a specific business for a particular purpose, e.g., how a service business designed and utilised organisational learning mechanisms to introduce a successful, new corporate brand. Case study will be provided in the Learning management system

Address the following questions in the case analysis:

1.         Diagnose and analyse the organisational culture.

2.         Evaluate the change effort – to what extent was the company successful or unsuccessful? Support with some research and data.

3.         Examine the factors that have influenced or impacted the outcome based on organisational change and organisational learning principles?

4.         Critically analyse a range of learning mechanisms, and evaluate their impact on organisational performance, effectiveness and reputation;

1.         Evaluate organisational learning mechanisms with respect to their capacity to establish and maintain the ongoing active involvement of internal stakeholders (employees) both as individuals and as teams.

2.         What are your recommendations for the next phase of learning and change?

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