CJSim™ Reflection Assignment

CJSim™ Reflection Assignment Guidelines

Criteria are met when the student’s application of knowledge demonstrates achievement of the outcomes for this assignment.

Required Criteria

(Points possible/% of total points available)

Satisfactory Level of Performance

Unsatisfactory Level of Performance


(50 points/62.5%)

50 points

0 points

Required Criteria

1. Selects and completes the CJSim™(s) based on the client and course.

Completes a minimum of 15 minutes per CJSim™.

3. Achieves an 85% or better grade on the CJSim™(s).

4. Submits screenshot of completed CJSim™ in the assignment dropbox.

All required criteria met

Less than 4 criteria met

Reflective Journal 

(30 points/37.5%) 

30 points

26 points

16 points

0 points

Required Criteria

1. 150 word minimum reflection. 

2. Summarizes new information learned by
completing this assignment. 

3. Reflects on how the new knowledge will impact
future behavior as a healthcare professional.

4. Logical reflective flow which follows standard grammatical rules with minimal (1-2) misspellings and APA where applicable. 

Includes 4 requirements for section.

Includes 3 requirements for section.

Includes 2 requirements for section.

Less than 2 requirements for this section presented. 

Total Points Possible = 80

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