CO1: Define critical thinking and logical analysis (Knowledge)


Course Objectives:

CO1: Define critical thinking and logical analysis (Knowledge)

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CO4: Evaluate and analyze various forms of argument for rhetorical devices, fallacies, and possible pseudo-reasoning. (Evaluate)


For the Using Rhetorical Devices assignment, you will create an advertisement that uses at least two rhetorical ploys (CO1 and CO4). The list is available in Chapter 2 of Bowell and Kemp. 

To complete the assignment, you will need to complete, Part I: Advertisement Transcript and Part II: Explanation using the attached worksheet.

Note, if you choose to construct an audio or video component it may enhance your score, but there will be no penalty for submitting just the worksheet.

Part I: Advertisement Transcript

The advertisement transcript will include the following: 

  • State intended product or position (what are you selling) DO NOT use a trademarked product. 
  • enough words to take between 30 seconds and one minute (80-150 words) to verbalize.
  • A word-for-word “script” you could use to create an actual advertisement [this is what a transcript is].
  • Use at least 2 Rhetorical Ploys from Chapter 2 of Bowell and Kemp (pages 46-58) intended to manipulate the audience (minimum).

Part II: Explanation and Reflection

List and define each Rhetorical Ploy used from the textbook and how it was intended to manipulate the audience.

Finally, add a few sentences on what you feel you learned from this exercise. Be reflective and discuss your feelings toward such ploys and whether you will be more manipulation-resistant after this assignment. 



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