Corporate Social Responsibility of Capitalism and Businesses

Corporate Social Responsibility of Capitalism and Businesses

Please answer only 1 of the following 6 questions with a (1.5 minimum to 2 page maximum) answer in Microsoft Word. It can be a bit over 2 pages if need be. Keep the mind set of corporate social responsibility and opinions should be unbiased (in other words opinions should be for or against not for and against).

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1. Is the current economic model, despite its extraordinary creativity still politically and morally acceptable without a profound change?


2. Is Capitalism harmful for the environment? As responsible consumers, what can we do to protect our environment in a capitalist world?


3. Would you be for or against a program of taxes on waste where the funds collected would be exclusively reinvested in waste management programs? (Justify your answer)


4. Comment on the following quote: ”Capitalism is the cause of fraud in investments and financial problems of today.”


5. What role should the notion of social responsibility play in financial transactions and sustainable development projects undertaken by governments, businesses or even consumers?


6. What can small businesses do to survive in the capitalist world we know of today and to compete with the mega corporations who hold power and the markets?

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