Cultural Competency Reflection

Cultural Competency Reflection


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Application: Cultural Competency Questions


? Is it enough to “learn” about diverse groups? ? Often information is provided but not applied ? It sometimes requires more (personal &


professional) preparation initially


? Should culturally appropriate norms and strengths be incorporated into work with children and families? ? How does such work impact individual and/or


organizational structure, training and goals


Prerequisites for Cultural Competence


? Self Awareness ? Understanding of power dynamics


Knowledge of differences ? Respect ? Understanding of the interactions


among values, attitudes and knowledge


? Strengths based approach


Elements of Cultural Competence


? Value Diversity ? System of Self-Assessment ? Aware of dynamics involved when


diverse cultures interact ? Institutionalize Cultural Knowledge


? Teach to all rather than depending on one person to know


? Adapt to diversity


Continuum of Cultural Competency


? Cultural Destructiveness – practices designed to destroy other cultures


? Cultural Incapacity – No intent to destroy but ability to respond is missing


? Cultural Blindness – believe approaches can be universally applied


Continuum of Cultural Competency


? Cultural Pre-Competence – realize limitations, hire people that match population and think it is enough


? Cultural Competence – See 5 elements


? Cultural Proficiency – looking to learn more & develop programs and interventions that meet client needs

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