Deliverable 5 – Conflict

Deliverable 5 – Conflict


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This competency will allow you to demonstrate the use of conflict management and negotiation strategies in decision making.


In your role as NoJax’s organizational behavior consultant, you continue to focus on the area of conflict management. NoJax currently has some constraints within their structure that have the potential to create conflict and lacks the necessary relationship-based structure to handle them. To address or avoid conflict, some strategies and processes will need to be implemented. 

You will need to consider the information presented in the company background document and information within the module to conduct your conflict management  assessment. Identify potential areas of conflict within the management structure and organizational constraints that may be affecting decision making. Address the following in your report:

  • What do you perceive to be constraints in the structure that may hinder effective decision making and why?
  • Using the decision-making process, identify and  explain ways NoJax can make decisions more effectively.
  • How can the elements and techniques of negotiation be used to reduce potential conflict with employees?
  • Identify and explain the steps in conflict management that NoJax should use to address issues that they may encounter.

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