Deliverable 5 – Manage Complex It Systems

Deliverable 5 – Manage Complex It Systems


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Manage complex information technology systems.





You are an IT industry expert who has spent many years managing complex information technology systems. You have been tapped to write a journal article for IT weekly that focus on innovative approaches to creating Systems Development Life Cycles (SDLC). Your specific focus has been the various SDLC methodologies trending in the business world today.







Write a journal article that analyzes at least 3 different Systems Development Life Cycle methodologies and describe the advantage and disadvantages of each.



The article should also include analysis of 2 companies using creative/innovative SDLC methodologies. Explain why you think these approaches are unique and innovative.



Create a Systems Development Life Cycle plan that will support the acquisition, installation and sustainment of a new Database Management System to be included as an addendum to the journal article.



The article and addendum should both be submitted as one Microsoft Word submission. You will need a minimum of 3 pages with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.



 Resources (if needed)


User Leadership in the Systems Development Life Cycle: A Contingency Model

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