Dr. King was a Baptist minister. We celebrate and honor h

Celebrate Dr. King

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Vernon Johns Story

Dr. King was a Baptist minister.   We celebrate and honor his life this week.  I am providing you two links to review.  The first one is from the Vernon Johns Story, who was the pastor at Dexter Ave Baptist Church. Here where Dr. King would lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  Watch and listen: 

Final Sermon of Vernon Johns (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Final Sermon of Vernon Johns


What do you see as the message of this sermon and its application in today’s world?


Image result for Dr. King harm of good people


Part II, Dr. King’s Drum Major Instinct

Dr. King is held up as a great leader and he was!  It is clear that he sacrificed his life to make this a better nation.  He proclaimed that we all have a role to play.  We do harm where we sit on the sidelines and watch injustice.  So, he calls upon all of us to be a drum major.  The message is clear by viewing and listening.  We are in a bind today as a nation, but our destiny is in our hands.  Dr. King’s life is a timely reminder.


Listen to Dr. King using the link below.  There is a message for all of us in his sermon.  What is that message for the citizen of today? 

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