Education STEM Assignment


Although most children are naturally eager to learn science, math, engineering, and technology concepts, some early childhood teachers shy away from teaching STEM topics. Sometimes, teachers avoid STEM subjects because they lack content knowledge and feel that they are not prepared to answer children’s questions or stimulate children’s critical thinking.  Although learning standards exist for STEM, and there has been increased awareness of the importance of the subjects, insufficient emphasis on STEM concepts is common. This is particularly true when it comes to integrated special education. 

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In order to help young children learn STEM subjects, teachers must have rich content knowledge. For this assignment, you will focus on the first steps of building a Learning Experience Plan (LEP) 1) strengthening content knowledge, 2) identifying an early learning standard, and 3) defining an objective. (You will not create a full Learning Experience Plan for this assignment).

See the attached document for complete instructions and grading rubric.  

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