Essay-Interview Project

Essay-Interview Project

image you interview an 8 year old girl, and write a three pages essay

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paragraph 1:  Introduction  

Begin with a general introduction describing the child and your overall experience with this project. Include the background information here directly from your interview here to support your conclusions. 

Paragraph 2: Physical Development                

Describe the physical development of the child. Explain if their development matched (or does not match) the statistics in your textbook?  What other conclusions can you make about his/her physical development and overall health?  Justify your conclusions by formally citing information from the textbook and your interview.   

Paragraph 3:        Cognitive Development                                  

Which Piagetian Stage does this child fall in and why?  What else have you learned about the cognitive abilities of this child?  Use information from the interview, Piagetian Tasks, and Animism questions to determine the Piagetian stage. Justify your conclusions by formally citing information from the text and your interview.   

Paragraph 4:   Social and Personality Development                     

What have you learned about the child’s social skills, personality and overall psychological development?  Include information about the family relationships from your interview and your analysis of the “Family Portrait.”   Justify your conclusions by formally citing information from the text and your interview. 

Paragraph 5:  Conclusion                     

Answer this question: What did you learn from this project that may prove helpful in your work with children or as a parent?   Do you have any recommendations for improving the project for future classes? 


“Despite their knowledge that certain foods are necessary for a balanced nutritious diet, many parents provide their children with too few fruits and vegetables and more fasts and sweets than recommended” (Feldman 2016, p. 284).  in the essay.

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