Ethical Leadership Project -Ethical leadership project


Read all the instructions carefully before beginning the project

Ethical leadership project.

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Case study #3 – Advice


After graduation, you obtain a job as a sales representative with a large advertising agency that negotiates media campaigns for corporate clients. Sales representatives travel to assigned markets and negotiate advertising opportunities with television sales managers. Sales representatives have specific media client guidelines specifying the television stations and programs from which commercial time may be purchased, along with a budget ceiling.

Sales representatives are assigned partners who provide moral support. Your region is Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Claire, who has been the sales representative for California for about a year, is your partner. The two of you contact each other once a week for updates.

On a Monday evening, a distraught Claire calls you for advice. Earlier in the day, she met with KXYZ-TV’s new sales manager to negotiate media placement advertisements for Cadillac and Best Buy. The total market media dollar allocation for these two companies in the San Francisco market is $7 million dollars. KXYZ-TV historically has received 20 percent of the business.

Claire informs you that while meeting with KXYZ-TV’s new sales manager in his office, he made unwanted sexual advances toward her. Claire was shocked by his behavior, quickly ended the discussion, and left the building with a promise to return the next day to finish the sale.

“It was a really scuzzy experience,” Claire tells you. “I know our clients want to advertise on KXYZ-TV, but I don’t feel comfortable dealing with that guy.” You note that if she delayed the visit for a week, you could join her and do the sales call together. Claire rejects your offer and insists on handling this herself. Nonetheless, she seeks your advice on what to do next.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. What would you recommend?

2. Return, close the deal, and say nothing about the sexual harassment

3. Return, close the deal, and report the sexual harassment incident to her supervisor

4. Don’t return and report the sexual harassment incident to her supervisor

5. Something else (if so, what?)

6. Why is this the right option to choose?

7. What are the ethics underlying your decision?”


Grading Rubric for Ethical Leadership Project



Levels of Achievement

Below expectations

Grade = D


Grade = B to C


Grade = A


and Analysis


Weak reasons and/or irrelevant or confusing reasons given that do not support the answers; incomplete answers.


Reasons support answers with some reasons or an important reason overlooked; general examination and assessment.


Clear and accurate answers; insightful, specific.


Accuracy of Facts and Citations


No evidence of research to obtain factual information or evidence. Mostly opinion or “I think” type statements. Incorrect facts and / or citations.


All facts are accurate and support the argument, but there were also some opinion based statements. There was evidence of research (at least one source) given by supporting documentation.


All facts are accurate and the argument. Evidence of research was documented, 

and the factual information was used in an appropriate manner to support the thesis

At least two peer-reviewed type sources
 (e.g., the textbook or a similar type source) were quoted in the case study.



Form and Style


Citations not in correct style manual form.

Citations are partially in correct style manual form.

Citations are perfect or close to perfect in correct style manual form.

Mechanics/ Organization



Numerous errors; the paper was very difficult to read; questions were not stated before answers; major spelling, grammar, and punctuation problems; many sentences were unclear.


Enough errors to distract the reader; organization problems; some spelling, grammar, and punctuation problems; some sentences were unclear.


Use of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; well organized; one idea follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions; easy to read and navigate.


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