HISTORY – Dr. Rivers showed a number of famous images



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In his presentation, Dr. Rivers showed a number of famous images from the Civil Rights Movement and described the media techniques that the leaders of that movement employed. Your task this week is to choose an image or video clip from a movement and analyze it. In your paper (no fewer than 250 words), address the following: who created the image? Was it created to generate support for the movement or to turn the public against it? How do you know? What are some key elements of the image? Do not use an image that you have already seen in class.

Be sure to include the image when you submit your paper. If you provide a link to a video, cite the source using APA format.

Some movements that might provide examples for you: Arab Spring, #NeverAgain, Occupy Wall Street, Pro-life, Pro-choice, Black Lives Matter, Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, Votes for Women (aka women’s suffrage movement).

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