How Adolf Hitler rose to power



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1.  Research credible sources (not Wikipedia!) on the Internet, and in 1,250 words (five double-spaced pages in Times-New Roman font, size 12), agree or disagree with THIS SUMMARY of how Adolf Hitler rose to power. 


2.  For your essay, develop a clear rhetorical focus: a thesis about the Summary, a targeted reader group you wish to reach, and a persuasive purpose.  If you are unfamiliar with what a rhetorical focus is, view the video below, please.


The Rhetorical Focus







1.  Include a minimum of four quotes from sources you research.


2.  Use correct MLA format, 8th Edition; 


3.  Read the college-level essay in Chapter 1 of our textbook THIS LITTLE BOOK About How to Write a College-Level Essay, and read the college-level essay examples in Chapter 3.  You will need to write the same kind of college-level essay, one that has a clear rhetorical focus and contains a variety of paragraphs.


Helpful Sources:


The Nazi Party: Background and Overview


Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power,29307,1707887_1525737,00.html


Adolf Hitler Biography, Dictator, Military Leader (1889-1945)

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