Human Development And Socialization

Human Development And Socialization

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper in which you do the following:

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  • Explain the differences in parenting style of “collectivist” and “individualist” parents.
  • Describe how each couple would differ in their expectations of each of the children in their “new” household.
  • In light of the differing styles and expectations, analyze points of conflict that would arise with the children when the parents swapped households and why (i.e., how the collectivist parents would respond to each of the individualist children, and how the individualist parents would react to each of the collectivist children).
  • Compare the grandparents’ role in the collectivist family to the grandparents’ role in the individualist family.
  • Analyze conflicts that the grandparents’ roles could cause when the parents swapped households and how the “new” mother and father might wish to change the existing roles.
  • Describe how you think the show would end. Will anyone (i.e., parents, children, grandparents, or people watching the show) learn something from the experience? 
  • Is it possible to change cultural values? Explain your ideas and your reasoning.

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