JADM340 Week 6 Quiz Latest November 2018

Week 6 Quiz

Question 1

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(TCO4) The exclusionary Rule is one of the most controversial legal issues in criminal justice. Unlike other such rules, it is not grounded in the U.S. Constitution, but is simply a judicial remedy for violations involving which Amendment of the Constitution?

                First Amendment

                Fourth Amendment

                Fifth Amendment

                Sixth Amendment

                Eighth Amendment



Question 2

(TCO4) A variety of exceptions to the exclusionary rule have been carved out since its inception. The first of these exceptions was considered in Wong Sun v. U.S. and was a direct result of which of the following doctrines?

                Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine

                Silver Platter Doctrine

                Derivative Evidence Doctrine

                Strict Scrutiny Doctrine

                None of the above






Question 3

(TCO4) The distinction between curtilage and open fields is not necessarily an easy one. The courts have delineated which of the following factors which may be considered:

                The proximity of the area in question to the house

                The nature and use of the property in question

                The affirmative actions undertaken by the owner toensure privacy

                All of the above

                None of the above



Question 4


(TCO4) Which kind of search may be conducted if the circumstances are such that the interests of society outweigh the invasiveness of the action?


                Anticipatory searches


                Sneak and Peak


                Warrantless search


                All of the above


                A & C only






Question 5


(TCO4) Evidence may be admissible under this doctrine if the law enforcement officer was in a lawful position, the discovery was inadvertent, and the evidentiary value of the item seized is immediately apparent:


                The Terry Doctrine


                Plain View Doctrine


                The Hick’s Doctrine


                The Sneak and Peak Doctrine


                The Proximity Doctrine






Question 6


(TCO4) Which of the following types of search does not require probable cause, reasonable suspicion, or an articulable justification?




                Sneak and Peak


                No Knock


                All of the above


                None of the above






Question 7


(TCO5) Mistrials may be declared for which of the following reasons?


                Deadlocked juries


                Prosecutorial misconduct


                Procedural violations


                All of the above


                A & C only






Question 8


(TCO5) The so-called “bright-line rule”:


                Allows the interrogation of suspects to wear them down into confessing


                Allows for the continued questioning of a suspect until the arrival of his or her counsel


                Forbids future questioning so that the authorities are not able to wear down the suspect and persuade her to incriminate herself notwithstanding her earlier request for the assistance of counsel


                All of the above


                None of the above






Question 9


(TCO5) Which of the following is not typically included in the rights of the accused?


                Right to remain silent


                Anything said may be used against him


                Right to an attorney during questioning


                He must pay for his attorney


                None of the above are included in the rights of the accused






Question 10


(TCO6) Which of the following are the primary qualifications for witnesses in our court system?


                At least twenty-one years of age


                High School education or its equivalent


                tered voter


                Personal knowledge


                None of the above






Question 11


(TCO6) The American criminal justice system has a variety of provisions, which encourage the veracity of witnesses in a criminal trial. Which of the following


is not one of those provisions?


                Mandatory compulsion of personal appearance at trial


                Mandatory oaths and affirmations


                Direct testimony


                Legal ramifications for dishonesty


                None of the above






Question 12


(TCO6) Methods used to attack the competency of the witness through assertions of dishonest or untruthful behavior include:


                Uncharged crimes


                Bad deeds


                Past criminal convictions


                All of the above


                B & C only






Question 13


(TCO6) There are how many types of witnesses in a


criminal trial?
















Question 14


(TCO6) When a witness is questioned by the side who


called her:


                Cross Examination


                Rebuttal Examination


                Direct Examination




                Recross Examination






Question 15


(TCO6) The demonstration of the veracity of a

particular witness is often attempted immediately


                Direct Examination

                Redirect Examination

                Cross Examination

                Recross Examination

                None of the above



Question 16

(TCO4) Explain those instances when the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine does not apply.

Question 17

(TCO4) Explain how reasonable suspicion relates to an investigative detention.

Question 18

(TCO5) Explain the public safety and rescue doctrine exceptions to the Miranda Warnings.

Question 19

(TCO6) Discuss the specific methods of witness impeachment.

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