Juvenile Life Without Parole/Criminal Justice

Instructions for this Assignment

Ethical Issue Briefing

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to analyze an ethical issue in the Criminal Justice System of your choice and to educate fellow classmates on their topic. To review all parts of briefing assignment, go to: Major Course Assignments: Interview and Briefing Assignment Information or see attached.

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PART 2 – Due in Module 5 – Paper Outline on Ethical Issue Briefing


Once you have chosen your topic and received instructor approval, you will research your topic and submit a one page outline of at least 3 peer-reviewed academic journal articles you will use. This will be due in module 5. 

Other sources such as academic books, .gov sites such as fbi.gov and cdc.gov are allowed and you may also use articles from major/reputable newspapers and government reports. However, you must have at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles for this outline and for the final paper submission briefing.

Following approval of sources, you will begin writing your analysis/briefing over your chosen topic. 

Include these main headings in your outline based on your chosen issue and three to five bullet points per each heading:

  • Introduction 
    • Capture your readers interest by including a supporting example of why this topic matters. 
    • Provide a policy and why you selected this. 
    • Explain your topic to the reader as if they know nothing about the topic.
  • Describe the Issue
    • Describe the topic chosen.
    • Include history.
    • Give details.
  • Research Evidence
    • Provide research evidence on the topic chosen using your three sources of evidence. 
  • Implications
    • Discuss implications of topic chosen.
    • Describe the possible impact that your researched solutions propose
  • Solutions
    • Provide evidence-based solutions on the topic chosen. 
  • Conclusion
    • Include main points.
    • Provide supporting evidence of main points.
    • Note: Do not introduce new evidence in the conclusion.

Submission Format

Follow APA formatting. The ONLY forms of sources you are allowed to use are academic books, academic articles from peer-reviewed journals (e.g. Criminology, Criminology and Public Policy, Justice Quarterly, Police Quarterly, etc.), “.gov” websites such as fbi.gov, cdc.gov, etc.  You may also use articles from major/reputable newspapers and government reports.

  • All non-academic sources are strictly prohibited.  You are specifically restricted from using Wikipedia or similar encyclopedic sources (e.g. about.com, ask.com, yahoo.com, etc.).  Any “.com” site as well as “.edu” sites; while .edu may have information that is of value, their information as sources do not belong in an academic paper.
  • Class notes are also not appropriate to use as a source.
  • Any use of non-academic sources such as those listed above will result in an automatic zero on the assignment.

Use the following format when naming your file: your First Initial and Last Name with the Assignment Name.

Example:  JDoeModule5Outline.docx

File Submission:  Please submit your files as a DOCX or PDF file.

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