Leadership And Organization

Leadership And Organization

The objective of this assignment is to strengthen your research skills and to build your knowledge of leadership and organizational behavior in the business sector. 

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 You are required to do online research for this assignment and to identify your sources with citations (footnotes) and a bibliography at the end of a 2-3-page paper (Calibri font, size 11) about the collapse of Swissair, Switzerland’s national airline, which filed for bankruptcy in October 2001. 



Your paper should:

1. Present the background of and factors leading to Swissair’s collapse, for example discussion of the company’s failed growth strategy and excessive indebtedness; and

2. Briefly analyze the problems faced by Swissair and your proposed solution to save the airline. Imagine that you have been invited to serve as Chairman of Swissair in the period prior to bankruptcy and are tasked with saving the airline: What would you have done to try to prevent the company’s collapse?


 The first part of your paper must be based on research that you show through your citations and bibliography. These should exclusively be professional sources including, but no limited to, newspaper reports (e.g. Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, The Economist) and any other professional, academic, or industry sources you can find online. You may use the online resources I am attaching on itslearning as well, as relevant. 


 In the second part of your paper, you will receive extra credit if you refer to Kotter’s 8 Accelerators and apply as many of these as you can in presenting your proposed approach to saving the company. 



 Please refer also to the Library Assignment Rubric I am attaching in itslearning which provides indication of how your work will be assessed. 

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