M2A2 Social Science

M2A2 Social Science


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In this assignment, you will identify and discuss factors that contribute to self-image during middle childhood and adolescence.

Write a 6- to 7-page research paper on factors influencing self-image during middle childhood and adolescence.


Conduct a review from professional literature—articles from  peer-reviewed journals and relevant textbooks—on the factors influencing  self-image during middle childhood and adolescence. Topics to consider  include:

  • Family constellation
  • Risk and protective factors
  • Various aspects of cultural identity
  • Physical characteristics
  • Social interactions with peers

Submission Details:

  • By the due date assigned, prepare a  6- to 7-page paper. Your response should rely upon at least five  sources from professional literature. This may include the Argosy  University online library resources, relevant textbooks, peer-reviewed  journal articles, and websites created by professional organizations,  agencies, or institutions (.edu, .org, or .gov). Write in a clear,  concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in  accurate representation and attribution of sources (i.e., APA format);  and use accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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