Maguire, A. (n.d.). 6 different pricing strategies

Maguire, A. (n.d.). 6 different pricing strategies: Which is right for your business? Retrieved from


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Six different types of marketing pricing strategies are mentioned in the above article. In a 3 page paper, complete the following:


1.Rank each of the 6 pricing strategies in order of the effectiveness for health care (where 1 identifies the most effective strategy to use in health care).


2.Provide a detailed overview of each of the 6 pricing strategies, discussing their positives/negatives as it applies to health care.


3.Discuss what is meant by “Price Transparency” in health care, and its effects.


CONCLUSION and reference.



4s (2pages)

Identify four Marketing and Promotion Strategies (i.e., Advertising – Printed media vs. Television advertisements, etc.).

For each of the strategies, explain the significance to BJc healthcare.


Marlowe, D. (n.d.). Price as a Healthcare Marketing Strategy – Implications for Marketers. Healthcare Strategy Institute. Retrieved from


CONCLUSION and reference.



4D (1 PAGE)

1.Do you think that finding the right price to charge in health care is more difficult or less difficult than in other industries? Explain.


In what ways is health care pricing strategies different than in other industries?

Explain the relationship between costs and prices.


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