mental illness and homelessness

what is mental illness


This approximately 10-12-page final paper should address a social problem experienced by a

client, group or community and explain how policy, cultural diversity, HBSE, ethics, research,

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and practice knowledge would inform your assessment and intervention with this problem. For

example, if a student chose to write about substance abuse and adolescents, they would

include relevant social work knowledge from HBSE, Policy, Cultural Diversity, Values/Ethics,

Research and Practice courses. Incorporate illustrations from your Field Education experience.

In this way, each student will be able to demonstrate their critical reflection and integration of

MSW core competencies around a particular social issue.

Students have discretion over their choice of topic. Examples can be wide-ranging*:

• Mental health issues in a client, group or particular community

• Trauma in an individual, group or community

• Policy and program evaluation in an area of social work; substance abuse, gerontology,


• Systemic racism impacting a client, group or larger cohort

Outline for the Capstone Paper

I. Title page

A. Please follow APA style when constructing the title page (i.e., title, your

name and affiliation, running head and page number).

II. Abstract

A. Present a succinct summary (150 words or less) of your Capstone paper

III. Introduction

A. Identify and introduce your topic

1. Identify the way in which you will organize and explicate this topic in

your paper

IV. Literature Review

A. The literature review for your study should include a minimum of 8 primary

sources that are related to your chosen topic. The majority of these sources

should come from peer-reviewed journals;

1. Identify and provide the historical and current context of your chosen topic

2. Who has studied this topic and from how many different points of view?

➢ Policy issues

➢ Values and Ethics issues

➢ Cultural Diversity issues

➢ HBSE framework

➢ Practice frameworks/interventions

V. Integration of Field Education Learning

A. Case example analysis (client, group, cohort)

B. How did these different areas of your MSW education inform your understanding of

this case and topic?

VI. Discussion

1. How has this paper deepened your understanding of this topic?

2. Looking back on your MSW education, what shifts do you detect in yourself,

and your approach as a professional MSW?

VII. Conclusion

1. Summarize key findings and conceptual takeaways.

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