MGT605 Week 6 Discussion (dq1+dq2) Latest January 2019

MGT605 Leadership and Organizations

Week 6 Discussion

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DQ1 Conduct some web-based research into one organization that professes to have adopted a servant leadership philosophy (e.g., SWA, Men’s Warehouse, TDIndustries). What are the organization’s values? Compare these organizations to another in the same industry using major performance metrics (employee turnover, market share, profitability, etc.) and conclude whether or not you think having a servant leader philosophy makes a significant difference in company performance.

DQ2 Read the article, “Leaders, Too, Need Support.” How do you see yourself in the role of supportive follower? What power bases would a supportive follower be more likely to employ? What challenges do you have with this concept? What can you do to overcome those challenges?

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