MIS535 WEEK 2 TEAM CASE ANALYSIS Latest November 2018

MIS535 Managerial Applications of Information Technology


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Team Case Analysis

There are at least five sections to this assignment. Your case study should be in your own words; quote very sparingly. Be concise. This should be a 5-7 page APA paper and a 5 minute Voice summary.

SUMMARY: Summarize the case. Identify the main point (as in “What’s your point?”), thesis, or conclusion of this case. (5 points)

SUPPORT: Do significant research outside of the book and demonstrate that you have in a very obvious way. This refers to research beyond article itself. This involves something about the company/organization/individual or other interesting related area. Show something you have discovered from your own research. Be sure this is obvious and adds value beyond what is contained in the case itself. (10 points)

EVALUATION: Apply the concepts from the appropriate chapter. Hint: The appropriate chapter is the same number as your case. Be sure to use specific terms and models directly from the textbook in analyzing this case and include the page in the citation. (15 points)

QUESTIONS: Address all the case questions. Be sure to answer each question fully. (15 points)

SOURCES: Include citations on the slides and a reference slide with your sources. Use APA style citations and references. (5 points)

The paper must be in Word and include titles corresponding to the headings above.


A- Every point in this section is met.

B- One point is missed, but the remainder of the requirements is well met.

C- More than one point is missed. The presentation and presenter cover the material but only adequately.

D- The presentation misses many of the requirements and the presenter is not well prepared.

F- The presentation was turned in but does not demonstrate that much work was done prior to class.

0- Nothing was submitted or the material was in violation of school policies such as plagiarism. The student was not in class to present the case.

Up to 6 teams each week. Teams work to do this assignment. Submit the paper and voice thread. The Paper goes into the current week, and the voice discussion goes into the next week’s Team Collaboration Discussion. 7 weeks times 50 points per week in weeks 1-7. This means there is a graded discussion in week 8.

Below are the Cases the professor will assign to each team week by week. Teams should each have a different case assigned except in the weeks where there is only one chapter and 4 cases. In those 2 weeks 2 teams will have the same case. The Professor may set up teams to run throughout the course, or change teams after each week or when Canvas becomes available allow students to select teams. The professor should assign the teams in a weekly announcement that is posted a week ahead.

Week 2: Your professor will assign one case per team. No two teams have the same case.

Chapter 3 cases:

Should T.J. Maxx Sell Online?

Nike Becomes a Technology Company

Identifying Market Niches in the Age of Big Data

Who’s The World’s Top Retailer? Walmart and Amazon Duke It Out

Chapter 10 cases:

Pinterest: How Much Is a Picture Worth?

Can Pandora Succeed with Freemium?

Will Mobile Technology Put Orbitz in the Lead?

Cultivating Customers the Social Way

Chapter 12 cases:

Germany Wins the World Cup with Big Data at Its Side

Big Data Make Cities Smarter

America’s Cup: The Tension between Technology and Human Decision Makers

How Much Does Data-Driven Planting Help Farmers?



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