Modern life exposes people to a variety of manufactured

1. Modern life exposes people to a variety of manufactured chemical pest controls. Some have known health effects, whereas the human effect of many others is still being researched. In 220 WORDS  Explain the problem of bio magnification.


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2.  Answer each of the following in 150 to 200 words using the textbooks, the University Library, or other resources.

1. Explain the problem of zebra mussels, and invasive species (see Case Study 11.1 in Natural Resource Conservation). Describe their spread in North America. Explain the environmental and economic problems associated with zebra mussels. What are some methods that are being used to control them?

2. Identify a pathogen that has a significant impact on human health. What are its health effects? How is it spread? How might climate change or increased global connectivity (such as international travel) affect the spread of the pathogen? Explain how pathogens might be used in bioterrorism.

3. Describe two problems facing marine fisheries. Choose three regulations or economic incentives and explain how they could foster sustainable marine fisheries? 

4. Explain the costs and benefits of clear-cutting versus selective cutting when harvesting trees. How does integrated pest management help improve forest health? How do controlled burns and the “Let It Burn” policy contribute to forest health and sustainable forestry?

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