NR508 Week 3 Assignment Latest September 2018

NR508 Advanced Pharmacology

Week 3 Assignment

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Kathy James 6/12/1960 comes into your office on July 10, 2001, she has hypertension and she needs a prescription for Metoprolol. She will take 25 mg twice a day it comes in 50 mg tablets. She also wants to change to mail-order delivery so she will need her prescription written for a 90 day supply.  Her next appt is in 6 months, provide enough medication until the next visit. She lives at 125 Palm Tree Ln., Dallas, TX 99999NPI 1405798402

The RX Writing Assignment is due by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 3. The guidelines and grading rubric are located in the Course Resource section.



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