NR508 Week 5 Discussion Latest September 2018

NR508 Advanced Pharmacology

Week 5 Discussion

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Maria is a 46-year-old woman who presents for her yearly physical examination. Her medical history is notable for borderline hypertension and moderate obesity. Six months ago her fasting lipid profile was normal. Maria report that her mother and brother have diabetes and hypertension. She reports that she knows she should be on a low calorie, low fat diet and exercising but with her full time job and four children, she finds it difficult to exercise, and she eats out most of the time. She is 66″ tall and weighs 219lbs today, no current medication. She does report taking a multivitamin, biotin Vit-C when she remembers. She is a nonsmoker, only drinks sweet tea with each meal, 3-4 cups of coffee per day.

Today: BP 120/70 mm Hg, pulse 76, temperature 98.7, respirations 18, weight 219 pounds. Urine dip + glucose, fasting plasma glucose 179 mg/dl, HgbA1C is 7.4%. Physical Exam reveals notable for acanthosis nigricans at the neck but otherwise is normal.

What are your treatment goals for Maria?

What is your plan for drug therapy? What is the mechanism of action for each drug?

Please give five teaching points for each drug prescribed.

How would you change the plan if her initial HbgA1C was 10.2mg/dL and her fasting blood glucose was 305mg/dL? Provide a detailed alternative plan with the rationale.


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