NR510 Week 1 Discussion Latest November 2018

NR510 Leadership and Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse

Week 1 Discussion

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Introduction and NP Practice

Prepare a Power Point presentation that addresses the following content:

Your interests, cooking, music, animals, etc.

Your current RN position

Length of time as an RN

Area of the country you reside

Your state’s scope of practice for NPs including: level of independence of practice, prescribing authority, any limitations of practice, process for obtaining licensure in your state, certification and education requirements for licensure.

Next, record your ppt. presentation using Kaltura and upload it here.  Please refer to all of the Kaltura guidelines and presentations in this course resources for assistance. Should you have technical issues please contact Tech Support.

Respond to two peers through a written response or using a Kaltura recording by Sunday of week1 by 11:59PM MST.

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