NR702 Week 4 Discussion Latest November 2018

NR702 DNP Project & Practicum I

Week 4 Discussion

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Assessment of the Organizational Setting of the DNP Project

Welcome to our Week Four Collaborative Discussion! Please use the NR702 Week 4 Guided Study Worksheet (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. template to complete this discussion. Students can find the Weekly Guided Study Worksheets under Modules, course resources and course related documents. The guided study worksheet is also attached to this discussion. In week 4, students will discuss how organizational need for the DNP project intervention was established. What organizational leaders (include their professional titles only) did you dialogue with? Provide a summarization of the conversation(s) you had with the organizational leaders. Students will also discuss Organizational Support for their DNP Project and intervention and describe how organizational support was confirmed. This week, students will also discuss their SWOT Analysis, Barriers and Facilitators for their DNP project, the Project Schedule, Resources Needed to plan and conduct the DNP project, Project Manager Role, and Plans for Sustainability. Follow the guided Study worksheets to ensure that you include all of the detailed information for each section. Information from each guided study worksheet is included in the Week 4 assignment rubric and the week 6 assignment rubric.


(This Organizational Need section is 1-2 pages)

The Plan is the ‘HOW TO’ part of your proposal. This section includes a detailed description about how you will actualize (from set-up to data collection) and complete your project. You will want to proofread this section carefully as, “our minds think much faster than we can type, and we leave out steps in the process” if we do not proof several times.Provide two-three sentences in this particular section to introduce your reader(s) to the chapter.

Organizational Need

Describe how organizational need was established. What organizational leaders (include their professional titles only) did you dialogue with?  Provide a summarization of the conversation(s) you had.

Organizational Support

Describe how organizational support was confirmed. Refer your reader to the Appendices of your proposal in regard to the organizational support letter.

Project Stakeholders

What persons/groups or individuals might be impacted by your project? Ensure you think “outside the box” and consider both internal and external persons/groups, as well as entities.

SWOT Analysis

                Within this section you need to provide a brief overview of the SWOT analysis you performed. Note you are not to include your SWOT Analysis table here; rather, refer your reader(s) to the Appendices for the table.  Include two-three sentences in this section to not only tell your reader(s) where the table can be found, but to also summarize what the following section(s) will include associated with the SWOT analysis.


Here you need to provide a summary of the various strengths of the practicum site. What strengths does the organization and its staff have? What works well in the site?


What type of weaknesses did you find within the site? What needs to be improved upon? What resources might be missing? 


What are the potential opportunities within the practicum site? What can be done in the site to improve the quality of care being provided? Are there certain persons/groups/entities or resources not being taken advantage of, which could be potentially important to “tap into”?


What potential components or conditions might negatively impact the practicum site? Are there any obstacles the organization might face? Are they not following national guidelines as needed?

Barriers and Facilitators

Here you need to consider potential barriers and/or facilitators, which could impact your proposed project’s implementation. Are the nursing staff resistant to change? Is there currently a culture inherent in the site where the use of evidence-based practice is openly used/welcomed by staff? What strategies might you use to overcome any barriers you might face? How will you capitalize upon any facilitators you have identified?

Project Schedule

Include your schedule as an Appendix in the form of a schedule or a Gantt chart. Here you should address the timeframe for the change process and the evaluation keeping in mind that this project needs to be achievable within your last two practicum courses.

Resources Needed

Include resources required for your project and a budget. Refer your reader(s) to your budget table in the Appendices.

Project Manager Role

Discuss your role in the project and the leadership qualities and skills that will be utilized for successful completion of the project.

Plans for Sustainability

Explain what will be done to sustain the project over time. What strategies will you put into place for the practicum site to ensure the project has ongoing evaluation and modification as needed to ensure its success after your implementation phase is complete?

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