NR702 Week 5 Discussion Latest November 2018

NR702 DNP Project & Practicum I

Week 5 Discussion

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 Vision, Mission and Objectives

Welcome to our Week Five Collaborative Discussion! Please use the NR702 Week 5 Guided Study Workshee (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.t template to complete this discussion. Students can find the Weekly Guided Study Worksheets under Modules, course resources and course related documents. The guided study worksheet is also attached to this discussion. In week 5, students will discuss their Project Vision, Mission and Objectives. Students will discuss their PICOT Question in detail (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Timeframe), and the Feasibility of conducting their DNP project. Students will describe their proposed Sample and Setting for their DNP project. Follow the guided Study worksheets to ensure that you include all of the detailed information for each section. Information from each guided study worksheet is included in the Week 4 assignment rubric and the week 6 assignment rubric.

Project Vision, Mission, and Objectives (1-2 pages)

This section should be 1-2 pages long and must include the vision, mission, vision, and objectives of your project. Discuss the congruence between your project’s mission and vision statements and the mission and vision of the organization where the project will be conducted. Include discussion of short-term and long-term objectives of the project. Discuss risks and unintended consequences of the project.

PICOT Question (2-3 pages)

The length of this section should be 2-3 pages and fully operationalize your PICOT question. Under this primary heading you need to include your one-sentence PICOT question. Begin this section with a lead-in sentence such as, “The following PICOT question will serve as the basis for the proposed DNP project:”


Here you need to fully elaborate upon who the population will be. Approximately how many individuals will participate?  How will you recruit them, and will they be provided with Informed Consent? What are their primary characteristics they share?  What inclusion and exclusion criteria will you use? 


Provide full elaboration here to explain exactly what EBP change you will implement as part of your proposed DNP project.  Do not leave any questions left unanswered and provide your reader with key details so they will understand what you implement and what evidence there is to support it. You should have a minimum of 3 scholarly references to support your intervention in this section.  Remember you are not conducting original research, but taking already existing research to make a change in practice. 


The comparison should explain what is currently taking place in the practicum site, which is either contributing or causing the issue you are addressing. If there is currently nothing being used in the setting such as guidelines, etc., articulate here there is no comparison. 


Provide a full discussion in regard to the outcome(s) you will use to determine the impact of the intervention you will implement. What already existing data collection instrument/survey will you use?  Have you received permission to use the survey (provide a copy of the permission letter/email as an Appendix and refer to it here). What will it measure? How has the survey been tested for validity and reliability?  How many questions are asked?  What type of questions are asked (Likert, etc.)?  How will you administer the survey (pen/paper or electronically)?  When will it be administered?  Approximately how long will it take your population to complete?  If there are any demographic data collected, what is it and how does it help you to answer your PICOT question?

Time Frame. (1 statement)

Articulate the time frame of 8-10 weeks associated with the implementation phase of your project. Please note, you must have a time frame of at least 8 weeks and no more than 10 weeks for the implementation phase of your proposed project.

Feasibility (1-2 paragraphs)

Discuss the feasibility of your project given the 8-10-week timeframe. How will you be able to complete everything you plan on doing in the allotted time? How will you overcome any barriers you might face? What type of strategies will you use to ensure all tasks associated with your implementation are completed?

Sample and Setting (1 page)

This section should include a description of the setting of the DNP project and be1 page long. Include the type of setting, description of a typical client, and the vision and mission, and organizational structure and culture.


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