NR714 Week 7 Module 8 Quiz Latest November 2018

NR714 Application of Analytic Methods II

Week 7 Module 8 Quiz

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Question 1


A nurse researcher has conducted a simple descriptive research study comparing anxiety levels in breast biopsy patients, using lavender aromatherapy. She wants to display the number of participants in the study in her report. Which type of table should she use?



  Table of random numbers


  Frequency distribution


Question 2


You are reading a research report on a study conducted to determine the effectiveness of a new medication to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. You want to compare know what percentage of participants showed improvement overall. Which graphical display would you look for?




  Table of random numbers


  Frequency distribution


Question 3


You have been asked to teach an inservice at a research conference in Tacoma, Washington. The beginning of your agenda includes the definition of descriptive statistics. You share with the class participants that descriptive statistics have which of the following properties?


  They are numerical and graphical summaries of data.

  They are used to examine relationships between variables in a dataset.

  They are used to see how well sample data can be generalized to the population.

  They are used to demonstrate bias in reliability and validity.


Question 4


If a research study reveals that an education program aimed at teaching nurse administrators how an intervention is being tested to reduce medication errors. The intervention in a study is also known as the

  dependent variable.


  independent variable.

  demographic variable.

  intervening variable.


Question 5


Identify the dependent variable in an IRB-approved research study where the hypothesis is, There is a statistically significant difference in coping strategies among persons with AIDS in a higher socioeconomic level as compared to a lower socioeconomic level.

  Persons with AIDS

  Socioeconomic level


  Coping strategies

  The hypothesis


Question 6


In a nursing research study where the hypothesis is, There will be a statistically significant improvement in osteoarthritis pain in geriatric patients who are given 1 of 5 experimental doses of Regeneron. Identify the intervening variable in this study.

  Regeneron dose variation

  Osteoarthritis pain

  Geriatric age range


  Some patients are taking narcotics while on the study


Question 7


A research study in which you have been asked to participate, consists of a survey of all RNs in the United States. You already know that you are being asked to be part of a sample. How would you best describe a sample?

  A sample is a number resulting from the manipulation of raw data according to specified rules.


  A sample is a subset of a population.

  A sample is a characteristic of a population which is measurable.

  A sample is a complete set of individuals, objects, or measurement having some common observable characteristic.


Question 8


Nurse Jones, is caring for a patient who is participating in a research study investigating osteoarthritis pain. In the study, participants are given either an anti-inflammatory drug injection or a saline injection to reduce osteroarthritis joint pain. The patient tells Nurse Jones that since she received her study injection, her arthritis pain does not seem to have improved. In fact, her pain is getting worse. What is a possible reason for her continued osteoarthritis pain?

  The patient has an allergy to anti-inflammatory agents.

  The patient is resistant to anti-inflammatory agents.


  The patient likely received a placebo injection, such as saline.

  The patient likely received the anti-inflammatory study drug, but it just has not yet taken effect.


Question 9


You are on a research team in a major urban medical center. A proposed research study is aimed at administering lavender aromatherapy or a placebo to reduce anxiety in patients who are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. The principal investigator mentions that she wants to give the true lavender aromatherapy to three patients that she has seen in the past. What is the best way to avoid this potential bias in the study?

  Use a single blinded approach.

  Excuse the three patients from the study.

  Let participants self select which group they would like to participate in.


  Use a double blinded approach.


Question 10


In another study, nurses at a hospital are ranked by education. A nurse colleague tells you that she does not know which type of data is being used in the study. What is the best response from you?

  Ranking education of the nurses is considered to be ordinal data.

  Ranking education of the nurses is considered to be nominal data.

  Ranking education of the nurses is considered to be ratio data.

  Ranking education of the nurses is considered to be interval data.

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