Nursing Change Theory Assignment

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Change Theory Assignment- Week 6


For this assignment, you will identify either a real change that occurred in your work setting, or you can create a change that you would like to see happen. Examples could be a change to self-scheduling, implementing a new practice or procedure, implementing bedside shift report, increasing hours of operation at a health clinic so staff will have to work weekends, etc. You may select one of the change theories from the PowerPoint, or select another change theory from the literature. You will do the following:

Identify the change that is to occur providing background as to why the change is necessary

Identify a change theory that you would select as a leader to implement the change

Discuss the steps in the change theory and explain in detail how you would operationalize each step as you work through your specific change (for example, if one of the steps is “communicate the change vision” how would you do this specifically? Staff meetings, posters, etc?)

Discuss effective communication and team-building strategies you would employ to ensure success and sustainability in your change

This information will be presented in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation. Your presentation is to be submitted to the Assignments tab, in APA format. It should be approximately 8-10 slides, including the title slide and reference slide.

In addition to the presentation, you will need to include speaker notes for each slide and record yourself presenting the information. You can either use PowerPoint to generate a recording for each slide or Kaltura Media to share your screen for the presentation and record the full presentation. The recording should be a minimum of 10 minutes and not exceed 15 minutes in length.

This presentation should have 4 references from current (within 5 years) scholarly, peer-reviewed journals to support the change theory and the need for change. There should be a reference slide at the end of the presentation. Please be sure APA formatting for presentations is applied.

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