Nursing M3 Assignment: Communication

Assignment topic for Communication:

Under the communication topic is the idea of advanced directives. The  advance directive idea has grown from basic forms that can be found in  the state statutes to very refined documents such as Five Wishes or  POLST or MOLST. But to start this topic we can access the Florida State  statutes and see what the State of Florida has to offer as a advance  directive. Here is the direct link to the Florida State Statute 765.101 

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 Links to an external site. 

Scroll down to “Download Florida Advance Directive” This will give  you an idea about the contents of the standard State form using the  Florida one as an example. If you list the main parts it will give you  an idea about the types of choices these forms allow for which are not  exactly detailed or extensive in content. Now if you were to open a Five  Wishes form: 

 Links to an external site. and compare to the earlier State form it becomes obvious the difference. 

As a variation on the same theme there is also the POLST form which  also gives several choices as a type of advance directive form. This  will be our discussion for the communication module.

Assignment: Compare  the two methods of Advanced Directives, that is the State of Florida  form with either the Five Wishes or the POLST form and describe the  following:

a) What are the differences between the forms?

b) Why do you think that there are differences between the forms?

c) What is accomplished by the newer generation of advanced directive (eg. Five Wishes or POLST)?

d) Which form would you rather have as a patient? and why?

Your answer should be at least 300 words and have a reference to it.  You should comply with APA 7th ed guidelines and answer all of the  questions clearly and completely.

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