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OTN1: Meeting Analysis

OTN1: Meeting Analysis Implementation Email

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Implementation Email

The following is an email from your supervisor, Kamal, to you, the implementation team lead:

CC: Li, Mei, Diego

SUBJECT: Update on Equipment Upgrades Project and Meeting Minutes


I am sorry you had to miss our meeting on prioritizing the pilot team for the equipment upgrades project. As promised, I recorded the meeting (file attached). I also had notes taken, which I will include below. We had a great discussion about the project. Deployment time was discussed, but the group was unable to answer deployment questions without you present. In summary, we did not decide on which team will be selected as our pilot team. Please see the meeting minutes for more details.

You might not be familiar with all of the participants in this meeting. Briefly in attendance were Li Johnson, Diego Turay, Mei Miller, and I. The administrative assistant, Omar Patel, was also in attendance, but just to record meeting minutes.

Li (they/them) is a data analyst who has been with us for two years. In my experience, they are cautious and succinct. They prefer to delay in making decisions rather than move ahead without all of the data. More than once, when I’ve asked them to speculate on potential future scenarios, they have asked for time and further research. They prefer to keep their personal life well clear of their professional life, so don’t take what may seem like disinterest personally.

Diego (he/him) has not been the manager of Team A long, but the team members respect him and his charisma. He’s been a champion for his team, highlighting their successes to the executives, which has resulted in several special projects, and it’s undeniable that they all put in the work. It needs be said, though, that some other managers have expressed concerns that Diego leans on his relationships to gain advantages to favor his team, not necessarily the entire company. He is certainly decisive and quick. While he is aware of the importance of complete data, he values speed and responsiveness, and sometimes is unwilling to wait on further research.

Mei (she/her) is one of our more experienced managers, having lead Team B for five years now. Before that, she was one of Team B’s best programmers, and while the team members respect her skills greatly, there is some concern regarding her ability to advocate for their needs. Team B tends to get projects with the shortest timelines and least resources—it always delivers, but we realize this in untenable long term. Several key members of her team have been out of office following an especially challenging delivery. She values fairness and makes decisions based on what is best for everyone, and by her own admission, she struggles with quick decisions, as she wants to make everyone happy. However, the trust she has earned within our organization is a testament to her care and concern.

It should be clear now why I was brought in to be the chairperson for the equipment upgrades project. This is a problem that needs to be examined from multiple perspectives as a group, something of a specialty of mine. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or need guidance as you lead this project.

Thank you for your care during this project.

Meeting Minutes:

Attendees: Li, Mei, Diego, Kamal

Please note: Minutes were recorded by our administrative assistant, Omar Patel.

Agenda items:

• Status update

• Li presents report on system information

• Review and discuss the report presented by Li

• Decide the first team to pilot the upgrade rollout

• Discussion: Li presented the following data related to system deployment and performance data:


# of Employees

# of Active Projects










• Mei expressed concerns about data accuracy. Li was using a two weeks’ window for the usage data. Mei has several team members on leave last week; there could be missing usage data if last week was included in the report

• Li suggests doing a second data collection after Mei’s team returns to full capacity.

• Diego does not want to wait for additional data to be collected and proposes that we make a decision based on the information provided.

• The group agrees that the data is acceptable and not biased in any significant way.

• Diego suggests prioritizing his team since the members are expecting a high-profile project and will need the upgrades completed before this project kicks off.

• Mei expressed concern that prioritizing Diego’s team might send the wrong message to her team members. With their limited resources and the fact that they just completed a major project, it is the best time to make the upgrades for her team.

Action items for the next meeting:

• Implementation lead to answer the questions raised by the group:

• What information do you need from the teams to complete your planning?

• When can you start the implementation process?

• How long will it take to upgrade Team 1?

• How long will it take to upgrade Team 2?

• Implementation lead to plan a follow-up meeting to facilitate agreement on choosing the first team to pilot the upgrade rollout – next week

• Li to rerun the report with updated information – before next meeting

Recorded call: https://wgu.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=20709996-72c2-4808-a524-ae6a010b4595


Kamal Turay, Manager

Implementation Team

Seamus Company

FW: Agenda Meeting


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