PCN807 Week 3 Discussion (dq1+dq2) Latest 2018 November

PCN807 Psychopathology Behavioral Assessment, &  Interventions

Week 3 Discussion

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DQ1 Review the childhood and neurodevelopmental disorders listed in the DSM-5. Identify two diagnostic tools for each of these categories of disorders. Are these the most effective tools for diagnosing disorders in these categories? Why or why not? What caveats are aligned to each of the instruments? How might those caveats influence the effectiveness of the diagnostic tools? Explain.

DQ2 How can a behavioral health leader best create a clinical environment to maximize organizational efficiency as well as comfort for individuals and families encountering childhood and neurocognitive disorders? In creating the environment described, what are the most significant considerations for leaders regarding administrative staff and procedures, space in common areas, time between appointments, caseloads for clinicians, etc.? Support your position.

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