Please Reply To The Following 2 Discussion Posts:

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Please Reply to the following 2 Discussion posts:

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DISCUSSION POST # 1 Reply to Talia

What are the benefits of constructing an abstract and a capstone poster with regard to dissemination of research findings?


The dissemination of relevant research findings is increasingly more important in today’s health care system characterized by fast paced change and the rapid growth of medical research (Millar & Lim, 2022). The construct of a well-developed abstract and capstone poster allows researchers to present relevant findings among a vast amount of data and publications (Millar & Lim, 2022). Evidence-based findings selected for publication aim to ultimately impact clinical practice change. With the evolution of technology and the internet, millions of scientific papers and research are published every year making it difficult to identify relevant findings (Millar & Lim, 2022). The abstract allows researchers to review and share peer-reviewed research in an efficient manner and help disseminate valuable research findings (Millar & Lim, 2022).


Another efficient and effective way to communicate academic research or evidence-based findings is through an academic conference poster. They provide the author the opportunity to present data in an attractive and brief way that communicates results (Barker & Phillips, 2021). Posters are important in reporting progress of a project, search for collaborators for future research, and to stand out among others (Barker & Phillips, 2021). Other reasons for using academic posters are to provide a visual abstract and increase the impact of the research findings which may open future research and employment opportunities (Barker & Phillips, 2021). It is crucial to the dissemination of a research project to have a well-written abstract and poster so that together they can help the evidence stand out and ultimately effect clinical practice in a positive way. 



The advantages to creating an abstract and a capstone poster has the following benefits:

· Networking and Collaboration: presenting a capstone poster at hospital conferences, research events, or even monthly meetings allows for interaction with other researchers, experts, and peers in the field. This can be helpful in networking, exchanging ideas, and potentially forming collaboration for future research projects which can lead to valuable insights, feedback, and new perspectives (Barker & Phillips, 2021).

· Knowledge Dissemination: abstracts and posters enable researchers to share their findings with a large audience beyond the academic community. This can include policymakers, industry professionals, and the general public. By presenting research in a visually appealing and accessible format, the information is more easily understandable (Barker & Phillips, 2021).

· Professional Development: this project requires researchers to describe complex information into a concise and visually appealing format. This enhances communication and presentation skills, both of which are valuable in academic and professional settings. It also provides an opportunity to receive feedback and improve the clarity and impact of research findings (Barker & Phillips, 2021).

· Visual Appeal: a capstone poster helps to illustrate the critical parts of the research findings in a visually stimulating way to the targeted audience (Barker & Phillips, 2021).

· Portfolio Building: abstracts and posters can be added to professional portfolios or CVs, demonstrating your research experience and contributions to the scientific community.

     In summary, constructing an abstract and capstone poster is a powerful means of communicating and disseminating research findings. They help make research accessible, foster collaboration, and contribute to academic and professional development.


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