Principal And Agent Relationships & Termination Of Agency

Principal And Agent Relationships & Termination Of Agency (Information Listed Below)


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Background:  GC owners recognize the importance of effective recruitment and hiring.  They feel competent recruiting and hiring new GC management and other employees but want to hire an expert to recruit and hire cleaning employees. 

They agree to hire a recognized expert in this area, George Tacy, to act as GC’s agent in hiring cleaning employees.  The owners want to give full authority to George to direct every aspect of recruitment and hiring of cleaning employees, from the initial recruitment of applicants to the final hiring process.  

The GC owners want to ensure that their agreement with George will include all important terms.  Thus, they asked TLG to draft details for several terms to be included in a final contract to reflect their agreement with George and the scope of his authority.

Instructions:   Winnie and Ralph direct you to draft several terms that should be included in the agency contract between George and GC.  You are NOT TO WRITE A COMPLETE CONTRACT, merely detailed descriptions for several important contract terms.

Write a description and details for each of the following agency contract terms to be included in a formal agency contract between George and GC.  

1.  Purpose

  • Describe express purpose(s) of the agency agreement

2.  Scope of agency authority

  • Describe specific authority granted to George under the agreement for recruitment and hiring

3.  Time frame for the agency relationship/agreement

  • Describe beginning and ending of agency relationship using hypothetical dates

4.  Pay

  • Describe type of pay for George’s work (i.e., hourly, weekly, monthly, lump sum for the job, etc.), and amount of pay, and how often pay will be distributed

5.  Termination

  • Describe how agreement will be terminated

Add  any additional terms relevant and essential to the agreement.

DO not use a sample terms from the internet; it will not comply with the instructions and facts for this activity and will not meet the requirements for this learning activity. 


Label and number each contract section as listed above in Instructions.

Write correct, complete sentences, in paragraph format.

Reference Material citations must be from provided material :

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