Principles of PharmacologyTop of Form-Course Reflection

due @ 10am. 11-20-23

Module 11 Content-

Principles of PharmacologyTop of Form-
Course Reflection

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Purpose of Assignment

This is an important exercise that gives you the valuable opportunity to look back and reflect on what you have learned in this course. Following this general review, you may then appreciate the impact of your new-found knowledge on your professionalism and your future as a practical nurse.

Course Competencies

· 1. Employ safe practices when preparing and administering medications.

· 2. Identify professional, legal, and ethical considerations that must be considered as they relate to pharmacology.

· 3. Identify principles involved in pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics and how they affect client response.

· 4. Compare the major classifications of drugs, including mechanism of action, recommended doses, and routes of administration, possible side effects, and nursing considerations.

· 5. Utilize available resources to reinforce client teaching related to medications.

· 6. Employ the use of effective professional communication to promote client safety.

Instructions for Completing the Reflection

In your reflection focus on at least 4 of the course Competencies above and share how the competency affected you and how you can specifically apply the competency in your practical nursing vocation.

Your paper should be about 3 pages.


· Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)

· Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format

· APA format and in-text citation

3 References –
must contain at least three professional references, published within the past 5 years

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