Project Tasks With Timelines


For this assignment, complete the following in the Spreadsheet template:

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  • In the provided spreadsheet template, you will find three tabs at the bottom of the screen. Read through the “Instructions” tab and the “Sample” tab.
  • In the “Blank Template – Fill This In” tab, complete the following:
    • Outline a plausible list of tasks needed to complete your chosen project.
    • Estimate plausible timelines for each task or group of tasks.

Then, in a Word document titled, “Project Tasks and Timeline Rationale”, write a paper:

  • Use the following headers in your paper:

  • Part 1: Overview of the Project (Note: This portion of your paper should be about 1 page.)
    • Summary of Goals and Objectives
    • Summary of Resources and Budget

  • Part 2: Explanation of Tasks and Timeline (Note: This portion of your paper should be about 2 pages.)
    • Description of all Tasks
    • Description of Timeline
    • Explanation of Method(s) Used to Determine Dates (Note: use concepts from the textbook to support your rationale in this section)
  • Part 3: Risk Factors and Mitigation (Note: This portion of your paper should be about 1 page.)
    • Potential Risks and Mitigation

Include and highlight in your paper the following ten key terms from the textbook, using each term correctly and in a professional context:&

  • Choose any key terms
  • “Estimates,” “top-down estimating,” and “bottom-down estimating” 
  • “Activity” 
  • “Risks” 
  • “Resources” and “constraints” 
  • “Project duration” and”project scope” 

Your paper should be clear, well-organized, and formatted according to SWS style. Your paper should be between 4 and 5 double-spaced pages, plus a page for sources. Use accurate grammar, mechanics, and spelling.

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