Saint COM520 All Modules Discussions Latest November 2018

COM520 Systems Security Management

Module 1 Discussion

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Attacks on MS Windows

There were many published attacks on Microsoft Windows in the last two decades. Research online to find any one attack published after 2000 and explain it in detail. The example should not duplicate the ones given in the book.


COM520 Systems Security Management

Module 2 Discussion

Security Measures

Select one of the topics below, research it on the Internet (excluding Wikipedia, which is not considered a valid reference by any regional accrediting body), and write a report of at least two paragraphs on it to the class. Show your references for your classmates to use.

You may not duplicate someone else’s topic, so check before you research. Duplicate topics (determined by date/time posted) will be given a 0 grade. In addition, respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

If a topic is already chosen and you’d like to write about it, you need to find a sub-topic within it to work on.

• Access Control List

• Access Controls

• Microsoft Windows Security Features

• Vulnerabilities of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

• Auditing and Security Policy

• Group Policy

• Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)

• Security Audit



COM520 Systems Security Management

Module 3 Discussion

Cryptographic Protocols

Pick any one cryptographic protocol (e.g., SSL, TLS, IKE, Kerberos, SSH, PPTP, WEP, WPA, TKIP etc.). In your initial discussion post, please explain the working and details of the protocol clearly (no copy+paste). Wikipedia is not acceptable. When responding to someone’s post, please provide any missing details of the protocol that was explained, with particular emphasis on attacks/limitations of the protocol.


COM520 Systems Security Management

Module 4 Discussion

System Profiling

Assume you are all working as the security team in the IT department of a company. The upper-level management is considering the use of an effective approach to analyze and profile their systems. Possibly with the help of online research, post something about a strategy, tool, or issue related to this that can aid the company in making a decision.


COM520 Systems Security Management

Module 5 Discussion

Threats to Applications

As you may have realized from this module’s contents, almost every application is vulnerable to attacks. Pick an application (e.g., browser, email client), explain the strongest threat for it and any existing solutions to prevent it.







COM520 Systems Security Management

Module 6 Discussion

System Hardening

In this module, you have been exposed to hardening security in many aspects of Windows systems. Pick any one aspect (e.g., password policy) and explain why you consider it important to harden it. Please include any realistic threats in that aspect and also possible remedies.


COM520 Systems Security Management

Module 7 Discussion

Computer Forensics

Share with other students your experience or knowledge of a computer forensics case that you found interesting. Make sure to mention as to what constitutes an incident and the evidence in your selected case.


COM520 Systems Security Management

Module 8 Discussion

Protection Rules

You have learnt that there are many basic rules to follow in order to protect Microsoft Windows systems. Pick any one rule that you think is very important according to you and justify it in your own words.

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