Section reviews elections in the U.S., the various branches of government

This section reviews elections in the U.S., the various branches of government and their roles and interactions.  Section includes a research writing assignment, a quiz, and a test.


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Explain the historical and philosophical foundations of the United States and California Constitutions.



Analyze and critique the difference between the theory and practice of the politics and government of the United States and California.



Analyze in an essay. Use two tools of analysis.





Compare and contrast (two or three sections of a piece)



Compare and contrast (with outside information/experts such as academic experts, politicians, textbooks, and other professional sources)



Apply to something you know (pop culture, other text, experience, historical examples, other material)



Reinterpret (put the author’s ideas into your own words, communicate their point in a new way)



Relevance (does the author’s ideas apply to something going on today?)



Argue for (provide several examples why the author is correct)



Argue against (provide at least one example why the author is incorrect)



Proscribe (criticize the author or the piece)



Prescribe a solution to a problem the author raises, or propose a better solution than the author gives



Identify if author has a bias and explain with examples



 Then use outside information to give examples.








Identify and choose two tools congressional committees (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., one from the House and one from the Senate, for example the House Armed Services Committee and the Senate Armed Services Committee. Please note, some committees that perform the same function have different names in the House and Senate. The House Ways and Means Committee relates to the Senate Finance Committee.



Using multiple sources write a full research essay using the below format:





Provide background for each committee (leadership, composition, subcommittees, scope, history, etc).  Be elaborate in descriptions and detail important information.






Briefly compare and contrast the two committees.



Identify what each committee is working on currently.



Explain why a Representative/Senator would want to be on each respective committee. How can they exercise power? What decisions can they influence?







   choose the committees from this link:

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