Security Plan -describe an IT Security Infrastructure

Security Plan

Using your organization or an organization you are familiar with, describe an IT Security Infrastructure.  You have been tasked with the job of reviewing the current security infrastructure at your organization.   Your review must include the physical security, the network security, computer/laptop security, security awareness training, and the computer use policies/restrictions.   What in these areas is your organization doing right?  What in these areas could your organization improve? Support your answers to both of these questions with citations.

You must describe an actual organization and apply what you have learned to that organization.  This course is about application not theory.   You must address the questions above.  

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Use APA guidelines to create a paper in Word. Your paper should have a minimum of 700 words – no more than 800 words –  addressing all the areas above.   Please include at least 3 scholarly references 5 years or less old plus your text to support your recommendations.   You must cite and reference in this paper.

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