SOCS185 Culture and Society


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Your Socioautobiography assignment is due this week.

The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to apply the sociological imagination to your everyday life: To make connections between your everyday life and the life of a historical or current social leader whose life and actions has had a broad impact on the sociocultural structures within which you live.

In this assignment, you will reference appropriate Course ObjectivesPreview the document (COs) that relate to your Socioautobiography. You can find the COs in this course listed in the Syllabus and in the weekly objectives. This assignment can be related to any and/or all of the COs.

Use the proper TemplatePreview the document for this assignment accessible via File under professor’s name. Cite your COs, textbook, lecture or lesson and outside scholarly sources following APA Reference Format. Read the instruction and RubricPreview the document criteria carefully to meet expectation.

The Socioautobiography is a reflective paper that allows you the opportunity to explore the interconnections between biography (a slice of someone’s life), the social structure, and culture. In preparation for this paper, please read the Socioautobiography GuidelinesPreview the document posted in the Files section under professor’s name – DRosado for detailed assignment instructions including the overview of the grading rubric.

The assignment will be scanned by Turnitin for originality purposes. Be mindful of DeVry’s Academic Integrity Policy regarding Plagiarism. Avoid Plagiarism as it will result to a 0-Zero grade and/or course failure. Cite any scholarly sources. If your overall Turnitin result exceeds 20%, redo your assignment.

Remember to submit the assignment for grading before the due date and time. A 10% penalty will apply for any late submission.


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