SOCS185 WEEK 7 COURSE PROJECT-PART 3 Latest 2018 November

SOCS185 Culture and Society


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Part 3: Course Project Culture Summary

Assignment Topic:

Present a summary about another culture based on previous readings and the responses from your interview of a person from that culture.


Analyze the responses from the interview and present a summary of your findings on the culture of the person you interviewed. This may be in any one of the following formats:

A Written Essay (3-4 pages double spaced, not counting the cover page and reference page).

An Illustrated Essay with photographs/pictures/drawings (images must be cited, the written portion must still be equivalent to the length of the Written Essay option not counting the images).

An illustrated Blog – submit the URL and a printout (PDF) of the blog post

An Adobe Spark Page – submit the URL and a printout (PDF) of the web page

A Video Presentation (record a screen capture video, with audio of you speaking about the content of your PowerPoint slides displayed on your screen (or use similar visual references)) – submit any slides or graphics used along with an .mp4 file for the video.

Podcast-type Audio recording (record a 3-5 minute audio presentation, similar to a podcast, on the subject of your interview and culture summary, addressing all of the points required for this assignment). Submit an outline of your speaking notes, and an .mp3 file for the audio portion.

An audio-narrated PowerPoint file (a set of 10-12 slides with notes and with your voice recorded on each slide to present the material.) See Instructions for Audio PowerPoint in Introduction and Resources > Course Resources.

Select fifteen (15) sociological concepts learned in the course (more if you want, but choose at least 15).

Suggested sociological concepts covered in the course may include: socialization, customs and roles, cultural values, personal space, beliefs, gender roles, religious or spiritual beliefs, power structure, informal leaders in that community, cultural assimilation, cultural adaptation, cultural diffusion, culture shock, discrimination.

Notes about the Format Options

All formats other than the Written Essay must essentially be equivalent to the Written Essay format in the amount of content presented.  By allowing you several choices you can be as creative as you like and may choose the format you most prefer.  Remember to cite sources, too, regardless of the format of your Week 7 Culture Summary submission. 

It is recommended to compose the essay first, and then design your creative-format version using the essay as the basis for the other format option’s content. That way, if you happen to run short on time, you can still submit the assignment in the Written Essay format.

For example, after you write the essay first you can then add graphics afterwards to transform the essay into an illustrated essay, blog, or Adobe Spark web page.  Similarly, writing the essay first will also expedite creation of PowerPoint slides if you’ve chosen that format.

Deliverables (what to submit at the end of Week 7):

Summary of your findings on the culture of the person you interviewed.  For details on each format, see the Directions section above. This Culture Summary may be completed in any one of the following forms:

A Written Essay (3-4 pages double spaced, exclusive of cover page and reference page).

An Illustrated Essay (with photographs/pictures/drawings).

An illustrated Blog

An Adobe Spark Page

A Video Presentation

Podcast-type Audio recording

An audio-narrated PowerPoint file – a set of 10-12 slides with notes.

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