SOCS350 Week 4 Quiz Latest November 2018

SOCS350 Cultural Diversity in the Professions

Week 4 Quiz

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Question 1

(TCOs 3 & 4) The tangible artifacts created by a culture are _____.

  nonmaterial cultures


  cultural lags

  material cultures



Question 2

(TCOs 3 & 4) A cultural pattern in which a segment of a society maintains a distinctive identity different from that of the dominant culture is _____.


  cultural lag

  cultural diffusion


  an ethnic group

Question 3

(TCOs 3 & 4) The simple foraging society from the WWII Pacific Theater, who explained the supply planes as supernatural beings, were known as:

  Lockheed the Word Society.

  A Flying Fortress is our God Church.


  Just Plane Worshipers.

  Cargo Cult.


Question 4

(TCOs 3 & 4) This refers to cultural beliefs that justify particular social arrangements, including patterns of inequality:




  cultural lag.



Question 5

(TCO 6) This occurs when an ethnic or racial group or individual takes on the cultural ways of another group, usually that of the mainstream culture, often at the expense of traditional cultural ways.




  Ethnic identification




Question 6

(TCO 6) In industrial societies, what is the main generator of cultural lag?


  Religious institutions


  Technological advance



Question 7

(TCO 6) Why will there nearly always be components of caution, suspicion, distrust, or cynicism in the minority group’s view toward the dominant group?

  Because nearly all dominant groups have experienced prejudice and discrimination at the hands of the minority group.

  Because the dominant groups foster that image in the media.

  Because minority groups are naturally distrustful.

  In order to keep the minority groups fighting among themselves.

  Because nearly all minority groups have experienced prejudice and discrimination at the hands of the dominant group.

Question 8  (TCOs 3, 4, & 6) From the reading in Chapter 13, describe in detail the gaps that exist in the economic, educational, and legal system.




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