SPCH275 Week 1 Homework Latest November 2018

SPCH275 Public Speaking

Week 1 Homework

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Communication Anxiety Report and Analysis

Fill out the Personal Report of Communication Anxiety (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and complete the following.

What was your score for the PRCA? Were you surprised by your score? What does that score suggest to you?

Reflect on the suggestions for creating focus and energy from your anxiety discussed in Chapter 9. Choose two or three strategies that you think would be particularly helpful for you as you prepare and present your speeches this session.

Please submit a copy of your report and your responses to both questions in a Word (.docx) file. Please be sure to use correct grammar, spelling, and syntax. College-level writing is expected for all written assignments and is graded accordingly. For help with writing, please access the writing page in the Student Resource Center.

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