SPCH275 Week 2 Homework Latest November 2018

SPCH275 Public Speaking

Week 2 Homework

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Self-Introduction Self-Evaluation

Reflect on your first speech. Listen to your recording and view your presentation several times, paying close attention to your slide design, word choice, and pacing. Then, write a short critique of your work. Use the following prompts to frame your critique.

Write a paragraph about what did or did not surprise you about your presentation.

Identify two strengths and two areas of opportunity for developing your public speaking skills. What might you try differently next time? What would you keep the same?

Please submit your critique as a Word (.docx) file. Please be sure to use correct grammar, spelling, and syntax. College level writing is expected for all written assignments and is graded accordingly. For help with writing, please access the “Writing” page in the Student Resource Center.

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